Dyana Afghan Women's Fund

Our Programs

Students in class Our primary focus is providing basic literacy programs for women and girls in remote villages in the Bamiyan region of Afghanistan where schools and education services are very limited or non-existent. In addition to reading, writing and basic math skills information about hygiene and health issues are also taught.

The literacy program consists of 5 levels, each 6 months in duration based on, and exceeding, the requirements of the Afghan Ministry of Education. On completion of the five levels the students have the skills and knowledge to continue their education or help them find employment.

Current Project

Our current literacy program, started in November 2013, is in the village of Kulala and has 20 students enrolled. The students are preparing for their fourth level which is expected to start in November 2015.

Past locations

  • May 2010 - January 2013: Reg-e-Shad
  • November 2008 - April 2011: Shahedan
  • September 2006 - November 2009: Dashti E'sah Khan, MoulahGulam